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Spring 2004 Practicum « MIT@Lawrence

Spring 2004 Practicum

The Lawrence Practicum, part of the DUSP service learning curriculum, has solidified relationships between DUSP and Lawrence partners. An annual course on city planning, real estate, and affordable development in Lawrence taught by Professors Lorlene Hoyt and Langley Keyes, students produce professional presentations, reports, and technology-based projects for community organizations. Each project represents a small piece of a larger goal of revitalizing Lawrence and continuing the university-community relationship. In spring 2004 using handheld computers, MIT students and Lawrence youth worked in teams to map property vacancy and abandonment in the city’ North Common neighborhood. Students then applied GIS supply and demand analysis to recommend enhancements to LCW’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program, which is a matched savings account and financial literacy training helping low-income Latina residents achieve dreams of home ownership, entrepreneurship, and higher education.

Lawrence Practicum Final Report (Spring 2004) and Video