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Spring 2010 Practicum « MIT@Lawrence

Spring 2010 Practicum

In this semester, students worked to devise strategies for cleaning and transforming Lawrence’s canals and alleyways. At the request of City Council members, the class produced a picture-based reference guide for alleyways and key characteristics like maintenance, illegal dumping and abutting vacant lots. The final report addressed illegal dumping and solid waste management, canels considered the responsibility of Enel’s Essex Company and the state of the city’s 99 alleyways. Included in the report is a series of recommendations, background on the property right dispute with Enel, strategic considerations and tactics for engaging stakeholders and building coalitions. Practicum Participants: Dorian Dargan, Alexander Goldenberg, Anne Emig, Jeffrey Juarez, Lindsay Schubiner, Jingsi Xu, Robert Goodspeed and Polina Bakhteiarov.

Lawrence Practicum Final Report (Spring 2010)